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problems with xml file

hi everyone, I’m trying the trial version of Infix ver 7.4 to translate a pdf.
I ran the translation> local> export command on the original pdf document to be translated and I got two files: an xml file and a pdf file.
I translated the xml file after which I imported it into the previously exported pdf document with the translation> local> import command … The translation took place almost correctly if it were not for some sentences which, although being translated into the xml, are reported only in the language of the original document and not the translation.why?

Would you be able to send us the PDF and the XML you were trying to import. We’ll take a look and see if we can identify the problem.
Send them to

Hello Claudio and Guy

Did you join any segments in your CAT tool while translating Claudio? If so, where did you put the joining tag?
Guy, I suspect this is something to do with a point Stanislav helped me with some time ago and I sent you an email about this but I’ll send it again

hi, what do you mean by tag join? I have joined two tmx files (one in the original language and the other in the target language with LF_aligner.

Hello Claudio :slightly_smiling_face:
I meant that when you use a CAT tool, you may chose to join two or more segments in the translation pane. If you do so, the CAT tool often produces a tag - in memoQ it looks like {1} but in blue.
this tag has to be placed in the target segment in memoQ.
Did you join any segments while translating?
Anyway, I see that Guy is looking at your problem and I sent him an old email about joining segments in CAT tools and a possible problem. If it’s actually this very same problem, he has the info and will get back to you I guess.