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program is very slow

I am using version 6.33Win on a win7 PC and when I open and close pdf files it is very slow. It says “reading page ###” or “recording fonts” and often says ‘program not responding’. Any ideas?

Please try updating to 6.35 (the latest version).
If the problem persists after this, please email the PDF to and we will investigate further.
If the problem occurs for all PDFs it may be related to the number of fonts installed on your system. Do you have a lot of system fonts?

I haven’t added any fonts to the system - just did a regular install. Would it matter if it was running on Virtualbox on a Kubuntu machine? BTW, I upgraded to 6.35 and it seems to make no difference. It doesn’t seem to matter what pdf I open.

I suspect the problem may be related to the environment in which it’s running. Which virtualbox are you using?

I’m using VirtualBox v 4.3.10_ubuntu r93012

Thanks. I’ll download that and give it a try.