Protected document


I’ve tried to protect a document from editing by going into properties and unticking editing and I’ve given it several different security levels but I can still edit it (by accident)

There is no password to open it or change security level

Is that the reason?



Try adding a ‘Master’ password when you set the security level.
If that doesn’t work please let me know.

Hi Guy

I didn’t want to do that for a very simple reason.

When you type passwords into Infix, you can not see them and you don’t confirm them (type twice)

I felt it was too risky as if I accidentally typed a wrong character, I would not know and not be able to open the document again to edit it.

And it is not a pretty sight to see a grown man cry !


Although there is only one box for each password, Infix will ask you to confirm each when you press the OK button to close the dialogue.

Hello Guy

Ok, that’s done too.

A bit of fluffing around cos saving the new security properties isn’t quite enough (looks protected but isn’t)

Once you close the document and open it again, then it works (but you probably know that)