Rebuild with text


Guy kindly sent me a demo video where he used ‘rebuild’ to rebuild a text box WITH text

He clicked on ‘rebuld’ and not ‘rebuild with text’ which surprised me (but worked for him of course)

Now I’ve looked at the manual to see the difference between the two choices but there is nothing apparently

So my question is what does ‘rebuild with text’ do as opposed to ‘rebuild’ ?



“Reuild with selected text” is new and hasn’t been officially released yet. It will be available in the official 6.2.8 release along with an update to the user manual. It enables the user to select a span of text using the text tool, then float this text into its own, new text box.

It was added for a customer that uses Infix for translation. He specifically doesn’t want to translate all text on a page but only certain parts. This is one of the tools we provided for him to be able to isolate text and then (using other new tools) mark it for output.


Sorry about that question as it could confuse others who don’t have it yet (I didn’t connect it with the new version you ‘pre-released’ so it was indiscreet of me. Apologies)

No problem.
Everyone else will have it soon enough.