Rebuilding text in columns


I have a newspaper article that a client has put into Word (don’t know how).

It is a disaster with section break, page breaks, anchored and unanchored images everywhere.

So I’m trying to 'rebuild the text boxes ’ (p 96+ in manual)

One of the problems is columns.

I’ll try to show you with a diagram

xxxxx zzzzz
xxxxx zzzzz
xxxxx zzzzz
xxxxx zzzzz
xxxxx zzzzz
yyyyy zzzzz
yyyyy zzzzz
yyyyy zzzzz

xxx is my first block of text and I’m pretty sure I managed to rebuild it as a text box with Infix

But I now need to join the second paragraph that starts in column 1 (y) and continues in column 2 (z)

I want Y and Z to be one text block in other words.

I can’t use the merge vertically tool obviously but I thought I could use the object tool with shift held down and by clicking on y and then z (page 98)

So I click on ‘y’ first but when I click on ‘z’, I can see a big blue box that appears around ‘x’ as well

But as i’d already rebuilt ‘x’, I don’t think this should happen.

I’ve also tried rebuilding ‘x’ ‘y’ and ‘z’ separately before trying to merge ‘y’ and ‘z’ but I get the same result as before.

So how can I merge y and z without x ?

Sorry to ask such a complicated question but this is the sort of thing I would want Infix for.




You may want to join together block XXX & YYY using ‘merge vertically’. Perhaps you have not done this because there is a gap between the two that you wish to retain.

In any case you need to use the text block linking tool to link together your remaining text blocks. This is the T123 tool on the tool bar. Click on the text blocks in reading-order using this tool. Each block will be numbered. When done, switch back to the text-edit tool and you should find the blocks are connected and that text flows between them.

If you have any further problems please send us the PDF and we will try to help.