Does the remap information is stored in the local system?

I had problem in extracting the text, so I did remap the PDF in one machine. Once it is done, I have extracted the PDF in different machine but the text was not extracted correctly.

I believe the remap information was not stored, so the text was incorrect.

Request to provide a solution for this.



The existing Font Remap function stores the remapping information on the local machine. The PDF itself is not altered by the remapping.

However, in the next release of Infix (6.31) we have changed the way this works.
It now fixes the broken mappings in the PDF so that the document can be read/exported correctly on other machines and by any other PDF reader.

It would be very useful if you could send us a sample PDF that requires remapping so that we can do some more testing of this new feature. Please send samples to

I have tried to save back the remappings and it doesn’t seem to work. I’m running 6.32. Should it work?

This has not yet been enabled in 6.32 but has been developed. Please contact me via email if you would be interested in beta testing this feature.

Thanks, Simon.