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Repead command

Good morning:

Has Infix Pro any “repeat command” feature (similar to Office Word) to avoid entering the same command again and again?

I have to change the font color of lot of texts and the task is tiresome and time consuming !!!

Thanks in advance.


There is no ‘repeat command’ facility. Would it be possible to find & replace to identify the text that needs changing then apply a colour change using the ‘replace’ operation? If you want to send a sample of your PDF to, we may be able to provide more help.

Thank you for your prompt answer. The “find and replace” tool would only help in a few instances but for the most part I need to highlight in color different words / terms / definitions.

The original Font color is lost when I export the text to XML format to translate it with a CAT Tool and then import it back into Infix.

It would be a good idea to aggregate the “repeat command” facility in upcoming updates.

Otherwise is a good software.

Thank you anyway for trying…


Please try our new service - it has a more robust XML import/export using XLIFF - an industry standard designed for translation. It may help you and your translation tool to better preserve the colour.

Thank you again, but as translator and for privacy reasons is not advisable to upload certain documents out there in spite of is a encrypted environment. You point this out in your own page.

“”"When you upload a PDF it is visible to you and only those whom you choose to share it with. Access to is all done via https (secure web access) which means your passwords and data are encrypted during transit.

However, a determined hacker would probably be able to find a way into this or any other publicly accessible system if she wanted. In light of this, may not be the best solution for the translation of highly sensitive documents."""