Selecting objects, text filling and the colour sliders


Can text have both a line colour and text colour.

I can get the desired effects on a circle but for some reason not on text.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I first create an object, I can play with the colours.

But once I create another object, I don’t seem able to go back to the first one to change the colours anymore, even if I reselect it with the ‘object tool’. I know it is selected however as I can see the ‘square box’ around it and can still change its size.

Finally, I don’t really understand the difference between the HSB, RGB and CMYK sliders as they all seem able to produce similar colours

Sorry about so many questions on this part but I’m not strong on computer graphics




Text can have both a line (stroke) and a text (Fill) colour. There was a problem with Infix in that if a text had both a stroke and a fill colour it was just filling the text with the stroke colour.

This problem has been fixed and the fix will be included in the next point release of Infix (6.16).

It is quite rare for text to have both a stroke and a fill colour in pdfs and the problem is only a display issue. ie if you save the pdf in Infix and open it in another pdf viewer, the pdf will display correctly.

In regards to the second issue. When you draw an object using infix it automatically selects it so that you can change the colour of it or it’s line width etc easily. it does not change to the object select tool so as soon as you click on the screen again you will start drawing another shape. To change the colour of the original shape after drawing another one, change to the object select tool, click on the original object to select it, now you can open the colour picker to change it’s colour.

Different users of Infix will be used to using different colour space definitions, because of this we supply sliders for HSB, RGB and CMYK so the user can use which ever colour space they know best to create colours.

To ensure fidelity within pdf documents edited in Infix the underlying colour space of an object does not get changed. For example: if an objects colour is defined in CMYK and the user opens the colour picker and selects a new fill colour using the RGB sliders, when the colour is changed the new colour will still be defined in CMYK. The reason we do this is because you would not want a mix of RGB and CMYK colour spaces on the same pdf page.

On a similar note, if you add a new object to a page the colour space of the new object would be the same as the other objects on the page. If there are no other objects on the page we default to CMYK, this is because pdf is mainly used for documents that are printed and the majority of high end printers print in CMYK.