strange font

Infix 6.28 changes font to some strange type when you only open this pdf with Infix


We’ll have a look at the issue and get back to you once we know more.


I’ve had a look at the document and as far as i can see Infix is displaying it as correctly as it can.

The PDF does contain fonts that are not embedded in the pdf file definition and this may be what you think is the issue.

Fonts that are used in a PDF document can either be embedded in the file or un-embedded.

Fonts that are embedded in the file generally contain all the information and glyph definitions to draw all the characters that are used in the PDF.

Fonts that are un-embedded in the file contain information to select the correct font from the machine that is displaying or printing the pdf. If the correct font is not available then it is up to the software that is displaying the PDF to select a suitable substitute font.

In Infix, if a font is not embedded in a PDF it looks in the System font directory on the users machine and tries to locate the font in question. If it finds it, it will use this font. If it cannot find it, it will try to load a “Best Guess” font using the information contained in the pdf.

In the case of your document Infix is loading “Best Guess” fonts for many of the fonts in the PDF as they are not available in your system fonts directory.

If the correct TrueType or OpenType fonts were installed on your machine, the fonts would display correctly in Infix.

This is just a display issue due to the fonts being un-embedded in the PDF file and if you edit and save the document it will still display correctly on any machine that has access to the actual fonts.

I hope this has answered your query,


OK, now I feel so stupid.
Thank you very much for this clarification