Stretching objects and line width


In the manual on page 39, it says

"Using the Object tool to stretch a text box will stretch the text. To resize a text box without stretching the text, use the Text tool.

and then just underneath, it says

“Line widths are not affected when stretching in this way. To scale these too, use Object->Scale Selection… dialogue box (Infix Pro only)”

Could sm explain this please as if the text is stretched, the width of the line is affected (longer)

On the other hand, I can’t see what difference it makes when I tick the box or not



Using the object tool to stretch stroked vector artwork will not cause the line width of the vector artwork to be scaled. This will only be scaled when you use the “Scale Selection” dialog with the check box “Scale line width” checked.

In the case of text. most text that you come across in a pdf document will be filled and not stroked so the line width being scaled is not relevant.

In the case where the text is stroked rather than filled the text will appear “empty” in the middle.

I have noticed a problem with Infix in that if the text is stroked rather than filled. The “Scale line width” check box has no effect. We will get this problem fixed in a future point release of Infix.

As i said previously, it is quite uncommon to have stroked text in a pdf document, so this small issue should not effect you,



Hello Martin

Thanks for the answer. In fact, after asking it, there was a diagram a little further on that showed the effects of 'line width but I’d already asked the question

Many more question to follow no doubt :slight_smile: