Table Editing

I’m new to this program so here’s my problem. I need to update the text in a few AMMs (Aircraft Maintenance Manuals) that contain tables. Is there a way to add a row of cells, insert rows and columns, and have the table cell expand to contain the new or edited text. Basically all of the fun things tables are known for.
Other than that, this program is just what we’ve been looking for.

You can tell Infix that an area of the page contains tabular data by drawing a link around the area (using the chain-link tool) and then setting the link-type to be Table-box’. Do this before you begin editing.
Infix will then tend to more agressivly break-up text in this region in order to preserve cell indipendance.

However, there is no high-level editing of tables with automatic row or column handling. Instead you would have to use the object tool to grab and move chuncks of table, stretching/duplicating grid lines where needed. It would be tricky but, depending upon the complexity of your table, possible.