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terms of use/service of TransPDF

Dear sir,

We are currently using memoQ server and interested in your product, TransPDF with monthly subscription license of Infix.
I already found your GDPR statement but cannot find the terms of use/service on your website.
Can you please provide me of the URL of the relevant information?

I have contacted your sales person’s email address, but I got no reply.

Thank a lot in advance.

We do not currently have any published terms of service for the TransPDF facility.
We can put together a basic statement of what the service offers to its users if that would be helpful.
Was there something in particular you would need such a statement to offer?

Hi. Thanks a lot for your reply.
I need to know whether or not your terms of service cover such points that a normal non-disclosure agreement includes.
My colleagues would send a variety of documents via memoQ + TransPDF and many of them include confidential information.
So I’d like your official statement about system policy in order to define what level of documents can be translated via TransPDF if we decide to use your service.

If you have terms of service for Infix monthly description, that will do, too.

We have published General Terms of Service for the TransPDF at:
I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you so much!
Actually I got your name and email address from memoQ people.
I will read it through and will contact you if we decide to use our service.

Thanks a lot again!