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Text selection type for translation

Hi, reading the program guide I saw that you can limit the export of text for adoption, only to the text boxes that have been marked. Question: For very long documents (hundreds of pages), is it possible to select with a single command all the text frames of the entire document, then go to deselect only those not interested in exporting (in the clear minority)?

I’m sorry but this isn’t something Infix can do. Could you send us a sample PDF showing what you want to achieve? It may be that we could suggest a different approach.

How can I send / attach document in pdf. Thank you

Use your email program to send us an email- and attach the PDF in question. We will then take a look and get back to you.

any news to my problem?

We have received the PDF, thank you. Could you please describe which text areas you want to exclude from export?

Thanks, Simon.

In the specific case of the attached document, I want to deselect all examples and listings of programming code. For example
page 50 left part of the listing in the center of the page, before the double “/”;
pages 51,55, 58,59, … listing, before the double “/”;
page 52,74,75,76,78 table; …
Note that for each element, other than “normal” text (eg listing or tables), a different font is used. This practice is used in all such manuals.
An excellent solution would be to add a possible “search & select / deselect text” option to the “search & replace” function of infix, depending on the font indicated. (This may be a possibility for future releases.)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

hi, any suggestions? thanks