Type Missing from Dictionary

I am trying to open a PDF file that is a real PDF and works well in Adobe. Infix tells me it cannot open the file: /Type Missing from dictionary
What do I do?
Thanks in advance

If possible please email the PDF to support@iceni.com.

We will then investigate and let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks, Simon.

Hello and thanks for the PDF you sent.

I tried to see if Infix could open it and it couldn’t as you said. In fact, the PDF is corrupted; Infix tries to repair it but is not successful. So I then opened it in Acrobat 10 which also has to do a repair. Acrobat’s repair does work and I was able to save a repaired, working version that also works with Infix.

It’s not always possible to repair a badly corrupted PDF. Clearly it should be in this case so we will look into Infix’s repair mechanism to see if we can make it cope with this particular kind of corruption.

I will get in touch again once I have some more information for you.