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Unable to import translation

hi, I’m working on translating two files separately.
After having exported the content as “plain text (with markup)” and having translated it in the desired language, during the import phase I receive the error message “unable to import translation. Does not exist.Missing for font table in translation file.”
In the second pdf instead, the program stops me without any kind of message.
What could such problems be due to. Thanks in advance,
best reguard

It sounds as if the text file has been corrupted or some part of it removed. The text files contains tags and certain formatting that must remain untouched through the translation process. It could be that during editing, something has been removed or altered, which means Infix can no longer read it.
It would be helpful to see both the tagged PDF and the file you are trying to import. Could you email both to

hi, I sent you the requested files. Any news?
thank you
best regard