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Utterly worthless ruler


I don’t mean to be scathing but what use is the ruler? When i scroll to 2400% to get the maximum magnification i get the ruler showing me the following

35 . . 37 . . 40 40 . . 42

How am i meant to see the distance between two objects other than a blind guess?

There is a screen shot of it.

Maybe a better title would be ‘ruler less useful at high zoom factors’ rather than ‘utterly worthless’!
I do take your point however.
We’ll see if we can improve things for the next maintenance release due in a couple of weeks.

No, I’m actually happy with how the title is right now. It is worthless zoomed in or not…I actually have found the ruler to be ok at 50% zoom! But then this is pointless as you get no accuracy! :frowning:

However if you can improve it that will take me further away from adobe as your software really is so much better in so many other areas!

This looks so much better in the latest version!
THANK YOU :smiley: