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Version 7.3.3 Windows started crashing

Two months ago I upgraded to version 7.3.3 for Windows. It was installed on a new Lenovo computer. I have used Infix for 6 years. The program worked well until yesterday. It starting crashing whenever I tried to copy text from a Word document and insert it into a new text box on a .pdf that I was editing with Infix. It worked fine for two months. Now, whenever I open a text box the program crashes and sends an error report to Iceni. It also displays “Rendering Failed, Exception Caught” whenever I try to create a new text box. I have deleted the program and reinstalled it to no avail.

It’s possible that when you create a new text box, Infix is trying to load a font ready for editing. It could be that font is tripping the software up.
Could you try changing to a known old font such as Arial just prior to drawing the new text box?

It may be that you need to open an existing PDF first, click on an existing text box (so that it’s font becomes the current font) then drag out a new text box. Immediately change fonts in the font browser to a reliable, well known font on your disc such as Arial then type some text into the new text box.
If that works, close that PDF and open the one you really want to edit.
The font from the previous PDF (Arial) will be remembered by Infix next time you try to create a new text box.

Please get in touch to let us know if this approach does or does not work.