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Waiting in Queue indefinitely

Been through the ringer with my attempts to make effective use of TransPDF. Mostly, I had to spend a significant amount of time (which Iceni tried to say would be super quick and easy) reuploading all of my PDFs to TransPDF, redownloading the source XLIFFs, reuploading these to memoQ, filling in all segments again from the TM and rechecking them (because this is just the sad reality of TMs, they cannot be 100% relied on), reexporting the translated XLIFF files, reuploading those to TransPDF, uploading my fonts - and eventually, after careful tweaking in mostly Adobe Acrobat (sorry, still a bit better in my opinion than Infix to use for the final adjustments), I had final PDFs I could use. However, this tedious process, which I was already a little irked I had to do, now is now even working any more, on multiple fronts. I cannot even reupload the PDF that I am trying to finish (have had the translations ready in memoQ for weeks and just have been waiting for adequate performance and support from TransPDF), as it states that I am needing to wait in QUEUE and has no projected time listed next to where it says “Time remaining:”. Has anyone every encountered such an issue before? If so, please advise - coming to this forum because the customer service and support seems to be nonexistent…

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Same here. This is the first time I encounter it. Thought it was some problem with the original PDF.


I’m sorry you’ve had a difficult time with your translation jobs.

Your initial request for help was to transfer your PDFs from one account to another. This is not a request we have ever had before and not something the system is set up to do.

We suggested you upload the PDFs to your new account and let your CAT tool do the heavy-lifting of re-translating. From your explanation it sounds as if this procedure isn’t quite as pain-free as we’d hoped.

Unfortunately your problems were compounded by a our server upgrade last weekend. An initial glitch meant the new job-queue system stalled on Sunday and wasn’t re-started until Monday at which point all queued jobs were completed swiftly.

We always try to reimburse credits when a user encounters problems like this through no fault of their own. If you have spent any please let me know.

Looking back through our email I can see that we have answered every one of your requests for help within 24 hours with as much help and support as we could think of.

We will continue to try to help should you need it.