Why can't the find function find this word


In my document, I have the word “congénération” which needs to be replaced

But when I search for it, Infix can’t find the word

Problem probably connected with the fact that when I highlight the word and then open ‘find and replace’, the word is displayed as ‘cogÈnÈration’

Even if I change this to ‘congénération’, the search comes up empty.

This same problem bugs me when I search on Internet for a word.

I copy the word into my browser and it shows up as ‘cogÈnÈration’

Any ideas on the cause please?


This is a result of an incorrect font encoding stored in the PDF by the software that made it.
The encoding is mapping ‘é’ to ‘É’.
If you select the text then open Text->Remap Selected Characters… you will see the mappings. These can be corrected by using the dialogue. Instructions for this are on page 101 of the user guide.


That is more or less fixed for now