It has come to our attention that Symantec’s Anti Virus products are reporting some of our downloads as containing a virus called WS.Reputation.1

You can be ensured that none of our files contain any viruses.

WS.Reputation.1 means that Symantec does not have enough data from it’s cloud users saying the file is safe. It doesn’t actually mean it contains a virus. There is quite a lot of bad feeling on the web from software publishers about this. If you have time I suggest you read some of the comments.

We will have to waste our time contacting Symantec to resolve this problem.

Please check

We feel that Symantec is not offering a good service to it’s customers by reporting perfectly good executables as containing viruses. It is unreasonable of them to expect us to apply to be whitelisted for every file that we currently make available for download.

I know the feeling - Norton regularly flags my own installers as suspicious. I don’t understand how any new file can have a (good) reputation initially.

Who uses norton?